Medical Assistant


Our school can provide you with the pathway to a rewarding career in healthcare.  We’ll help you choose the right course. And every help you need, we’ll be by your side the entire way.

Get the training you need for a career in healthcare in about a year from one of AMG Medical Institute’s certificate programs.

The purpose of the medical assistant is to train students to acquire multiple skills necessary for successful employment in any capacities of this discipline at any and all health care facilities. Medical Assistant may also obtain employment as: Phlebotomy Technician, EKG technician, and patient care technician.

During the course of study the Clinical Medical Assistant is trained to perform many duties such as assistant with physical examinations, medical procedures and treatments; obtaining  patients histories, and vitals sings; recognizing and responding to emergencies; preparing and administering medication and immunization; collecting and processing of specimens; vein punctures  performing diagnostic test such as EKG’S; screening and following  up with  patient test results; adhering to establish triage procedures; applying principles of aseptic technique and infection control; coordinating patient care information with other health providers ; administrative duties; and processing medical billing and medical claims.


The length of the program is 24 weeks, a total of 600 hours spent in classroom, and 140 to be completed at an internship/externship site. Classes will be held during the day and evening.

Applicants to take certification exam for National Certification with National Center for Competency Testing.


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