Electrocardiogram Technician


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The purpose of the Electrocardiogram technician is to train students to acquire skills necessary for successful employment in any capacities of this discipline at any and all health facilities. The electrocardiogram   represent the reading of electrical activity of the heart. Today the EKG  machine remains one of the single most important tools in medicine used for diagnosis. The medical profession currently uses the abbreviation ( EKG or ECG) when referring to electrocardiogram.


This course will focus on teaching students the most important procedure and interpretation of a 12 lead EKG. Mastering the reading of frequently encountered normal and abnormal heart rhythms, cardiac emergencies, diagnosis test, and the ability to learn about cardiac diseases and medications. Students will be provided with the adequate knowledge needed, both theory and practical to succeed in this complex field.


Applicants are required to have high school diploma or its equivalent, upon successful completion of this courses, graduates will be able to take certification exam for National Certification with National Center for Competency Testing.

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